What does my Pastor want from me?


Ask a Church Staff Member what they want out of their Lead Pastor, then turn and ask the Lead Pastor what they think their Staff wants out of them and you just might be surprised at the in-congruence of the answers; then again, maybe not. I recently taught a couple of breakouts at a conference where I had the opportunity to interact with a bunch of Ministry Staff Members. Many of them were quick to identify what they were hoping to get out of their Lead Pastor. We were even able to build a quick grocery list of their top frustrations they had with their Lead Pastor. However when the table was turned and I asked the question, “What do you think your Lead Pastor wants from you?” it was easy to see that most Ministry Staff Members haven’t spent much time wrestling through the idea. As a Ministry Staff Member, have you ever stopped to consider that other than keeping numbers going up and to the right and keeping complaints about your ministry to a minimum, that your Pastor may actually be hoping to get more from you than what’s on your job description? You may have never thought about it much…but below are four things that your Pastor is hoping to get from you:

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What your pastor isn’t telling you


Most Lead Pastors come off as having it all under control. Never let ‘em see you sweat right? Nothing could be further from the truth. More often than not it’s more like the proverbial duck that on top of the water looks calm, cool, and collected; all the while under the water his little feet are frantically paddling for dear life. If you’ve never been a Lead Pastor before let me take a moment to help you understand what it’s like to live in their shoes and what often times is going on in their heart. My hope is that you’ll remember these truths the next time you get frustrated and are tempted to become critical of your Lead Pastor. And instead of pouring salt in a wound you’ll be the kind of Staff Member or Church Member who holds your Lead Pastor’s arms up and lightens their load.

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turning tough times into triumph


Dictionary.com defines resilience as: “the power or ability to return to the original form, position, etc., after being bent, compressed, or stretched.” In other words resiliency is the ability of a company, church, or person to bounce back after facing major adversity or suffering a life altering challenge.

Drop a Christmas ornament and it shatters. Drop an orange and it bruises. Drop a hard rubber ball and it bounces right back. These objects all react differently because they have differing compositions. They’re made of different stuff. Similarly companies, churches, and people have different compositions. When faced with serious adversity some organizations fall apart. Some put their head down, do what they’ve always done, and survive but emerge wounded and bruised. Some, however have the capacity to bounce right back.

In the book Bounce author Keith McFarland (who also wrote The Breakthrough Company) asserts that there are six steps to rebounding from tough times.

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I used to beat my brother up


Today was one of the coolest moments I’ve ever been a part of at a Church. Because today, I had the privilege of speaking at my brother’s Elder Installation at Genesis an Acts 29 Church Plant in Boston. For a guy who is used to speaking in front of large crowds and generally pretty good at keeping my composure…today with a heart bursting with love for my brother and for the Church I couldn’t keep it together…I lost it. Below are some thoughts from the charge that I gave to my brother, and to the Genesis Community. Granted this was a very personal day for me, so this may be a longer post than normal.

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creating memorable moments


Life is defined by moments, especially the ones that we don’t see coming. It’s those surprising moments and how we respond to them that have the potential to shape the entire trajectory of our lives. And while life-changing moments may surprise us, they don’t just happen. More often than not, they come as the result of great planning and hard work. They come from a series of decisions, and doing the right things…or the wrong things, over an extended period of time. Eventually, in a moment, it shows up. This principle is true of companies, churches, and families. In fact, this past weekend we created a memorable experience for my daughter’s 7th birthday. Creating memorable moments can be an art, and all take the following into account:

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