a game-changing announcement at sun valley community church

In the beginning of 2011 Sun Valley Community Church worked through a teaching series called “Unstoppable.” In that series we discussed the fact that the Bible says the church is unstoppable. And that God, in His perfect wisdom, has commissioned people like you and me to take His perfect word to a lost, confused and misdirected world to give them hope, help and healing. The church is unstoppable. In that series there were three key areas addressed as vision was rolled out:

1. Finish the Gilbert Campus

This included the recent opening of the Children’s area, and working towards the completion of the Student Center, Offices, and Chapel.

2. Pay down Debt

It’s never fun, but it is wise, and puts us in a position to say yes to God, when He says “go.”

3. Become one Church in Multiple Locations

Immediately there was work done to begin the Casa Grande Campus whose core team is currently meeting and working towards a public launch.

More recently God has been moving, and He has given us the opportunity for unprecedented impact in the East Valley! On Sunday, July 17, the Elder Board at Bethany Community Church announced to the congregation their recommendation that Bethany Community Church join with Sun Valley Community Church to become one church on multiple campuses. It’s an incredible opportunity with a potential giant Kingdom Impact. I for one can’t wait to see what happens next!

You can catch the Sun Valley announcement here:


Interested in the FAQ’s from Sun Valley and Bethany? Check out all the details at the links below.

Sun Valley Community Church

Bethany Community Church

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