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FREE WEBINAR: “How to Increase Church Engagement”

People in ministry have a lot of opinions about numbers. Many church leaders are strong believers that numbers can help give us a good snapshot of how we’ve been doing—that is if we’re looking at the right ones and looking at them the right way.

For example, we know that measuring weekend service attendance alone isn’t a true measure of church health. After all, what does the number of bodies in a building on a Sunday tell you about how well you’re…

  • reaching people outside your church’s walls?
  • encouraging people to grow as disciples? 
  • connecting with the next generation?

These are the things we really need to be talking about. Anyone can attend your service. But when people start to engage in your church, that’s when life change really starts to happen. If you’ve heard the word “church engagement” buzzing around, and you’re just not quite sure what it all means, you’re not alone. Truthfully, we’re seeing lots of pastors confused about what church engagement actually means. 

  • “How do we get more people plugged in?” 
  • “How do we get first, second and third-time guests to stay?” 
  • “Why are people leaving?” 
  • “Why are people connecting… or not?”

If you’ve found yourself thinking this way, you’re asking the right questions about church engagement. And just by asking these questions, you’re headed in the right direction. In the last 10 years, The Unstuck Group has helped nearly 400 churches assess ministry health and become more effective at reaching new people outside the walls of the church, as well as engaging the people they already have.

So, in an effort to bring some clarity to church leaders that are struggling here, our team is hosting a free conversation that we want you and your ministry friends to be apart of. 

Tony Morgan and some of our consulting team will share what we’re learning about church engagement in a free webinar—

How to Increase Church Engagement. 

For the first 45 minutes, we’ll walk you through what we’ve learned serving the churches we’ve served, and if you have specific questions that you’d like to talk through, we’ve set aside 15 minutes at the end to make sure you’re getting the answers you need.

By joining us, you can expect to learn—

  • The 2 types of church engagement you need to monitor
  • What the data tells us about the state of church engagement today
  • Why you need a digital engagement strategy for a healthy “front door”
  • How to know if you’re winning with engagement

Get a clear understanding on what church engagement really means and how to take steps to increase it. 

You’re not behind the curve just yet. 

Register now! It’s free.

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[Free Webinar] The Unstuck Church: Why Churches Grow, Thrive, Decline & Die

We’re less than a week away from the in-store date for the new book, The Unstuck Church by Tony Morgan. If you haven’t already checked out the pre-order perks, there are just a couple of more days to get those extras.

Most churches start, grow, thrive, decline and eventually end, but we believe God’s plan for our churches is that they grow in maturity towards a peak of sustained health.

Do you know where your church is today in its life cycle?

On Thursday, May 25, Tony Morgan, Amy Anderson and Gabe Kolstad will host a free, live webinar to help you answer questions like:

  • Do all churches hit all phases of the life cycle?
  • Where do growing churches typically get stuck moving toward sustained health?
  • What does sustained health look like?
  • What are the early warning signs a church has entered the maintenance season and started to decline?
  • How can we confirm what phase our church is in today?

Space is limited and filling up! Register now to join us.

Register Now

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Ready to Make Multisite Work for Your Church?


Join Tony Morgan and The Unstuck Group for a Free Webinar on Feb. 17

Is your church leadership team considering multisite as a part of your vision for the future? Or, are you already experiencing the unique challenges that come with being one church in multiple locations?

On February 17, we’re hosting a free webinar on Making Multisite Work.
There, we’ll be sharing the following:

  • 5 Factors That Distinguish Successful Multisite Churches
  • How to Know When Your Church is “Big Enough” for Multisite
  • How Multisite Churches Structure for Decision-Making
  • What to Look for When Selecting a Campus Pastor

Plus, additional research from surveying over 100 multisite leaders.

This webinar will be hosted by Tony Morgan along with members of The Unstuck Group. This is a group that believes multisite churches have the potential to lead more people in more places into a relationship with Jesus. That passion is built on a combined 40 years of leadership experience in several of the nations largest multisite churches.

Will you join us as we discuss how you can make multisite work for your own church?

Follow this link to register and join us for this exciting conversation on February 17, 1:00pm EST.

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Reaching and Leading Millennials

When The Unstuck Group is helping churches with strategic planning, one of the most common concerns and priorities that churches identify is attracting Millennials and young families.

Truth is, Millennials get a bad rap. We hear leaders complain that they don’t follow through, they get bored too easily and are too self-absorbed. Beneath the specific complaints, however, we hear an honest frustration at the fact that what was working to reach this age group in the past isn’t working any longer. Millennials were born into a very different world, and it is essential that they learn to live out their faith differently than their parents’ generation. What worked to connect with 18 to 34-year-olds in the 2,000’s won’t be the same things that work to connect with the same age group in the next decade.

Reaching Millennials is not about building even better facilities, flashier stage designs and Disney-esque children’s programs. It’s about discovering what really matters to this generation, and presenting the truth of the Gospel in a way they can hear and understand.

As church leaders we can cover our eyes and ignore the fact that our churches are not connecting with the younger generations they desperately need to reach, or we can do something about it.

With this in mind, we at the Unstuck Group have an early Christmas gift for you — a new eBook comprised of practical chapters to help you think through some of the most important aspects of reaching and leading Millennials.

Follow this link to download this new eBook,
and get your copy for free by using coupon code “christmas15”

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5 Essential Tests for Churches who want to Grow

You may have heard that 90% of the 300,000 churches in America run 350 or fewer in attendance and that the average church size is 75 attendees (from Duke University’s National Congregations Study).

We know that thousands of pastors who want to reach more people with the love of Jesus can’t pinpoint exactly what’s holding their churches back. We’ve found that small and rural churches face some specific challenges for growth, and we want to start a conversation with you about those challenges and how to overcome them.

So, The Unstuck Group is partnering up with Church Community Builder to offer a free webinar to help you figure out why your church isn’t growing.

On Wednesday, May 13 at 1 p.m. EST, Tony Morgan, Mark Meyer, Steve Caton and Ty Bean will share some of the essentials to church growth they’ve witnessed firsthand while working with small and rural churches across the nation. There will even be time allotted for Q&A.

Follow this link to register and save your spot. Space is limited

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