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Join a Multisite Leadership Coaching Network

I’m excited to share some big news with you! At the Unstuck Group we’ve successfully been coaching Pastors and other Ministry Leaders at churches across America for years. This year we are taking new ground and offering our first ever MultiSite Coaching Network. This network is designed for leaders of multisite churches, to help them grow in leadership and succeed in addressing the unique challenges they face.

The coaching experience at the Unstuck Group is built around simple and practical systems and tools to help you take your next steps as a leader. We’ll take a look at best practices in growing, healthy churches. Together, we’ll press into tough conversations to help you get unstuck in your leadership and ministry impact.

Our coaching networks are focused on helping you discover the shifts that need to happen in your leadership and your ministry strategies and systems. The only way to get different results is to engage different systems. These coaching networks will challenge you to take those next steps.

In addition, in this unique first of its kind network you will also:

  • Discover how to identify and develop Campus Pastors.
  • Gain exposure to different Multisite Models.
  • Learn how to know if you’re ready to go multisite and how to you launch your first campus successfully.
  • Learn how to restructure your staffing and systems successfully to support a multisite model.
  • Dig into Mergers, Hive-offs and Parachute drops.
  • Get access to experienced multisite leaders like Jim Tomberlin the nations foremost multisite expert and founder of Multisite Solutions.

This is not an opportunity for someone who is looking for inspiration: This coaching network involves work. You can’t just show up. You will have to commit to six months of reading and engaging exercises with the ministry team at your church.

This experience isn’t for people looking for leadership theory: Yes, you’ll learn some leadership skills, but this experience is designed for you to put those skills into action. Every month you will leave with new tools to implement in your ministry environment.

This is not a conference experience: In a conference, you can sit and soak in the teaching without engaging anyone else. In this coaching experience, you will be encouraged and challenged by other leaders who will be counting on you to participate fully.

Location: The Multisite Coaching Network will meet in Phoenix once a month, for six months, on Fridays from 9:00am-3:00pm.

Dates: April 17, May 15, June 12, July 24, August 21 and September 18

This network is limited to just 12 spots, so if you want to get in, register asap! The deadline to apply is March 6, 2015.

To register and get all of the details you need to be a part of this opportunity follow this link.

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Is Your Church Average?

Over the last couple of years at The Unstuck Group we’ve been paying attention to and collecting data from the churches that we consult with. One of the key questions we were interested in has to do with serving. We wanted to find out how many people are volunteering in one of the church’s ministries either inside or outside the walls of the church. Here’s what we’ve discovered:

As you can see from the whiteboard the average church engages 45% of its adult and student population in some sort of serving role. But here’s the question. Understanding that volunteering is directly connected to discipleship and spiritual growth, are you content with average? Here’s another tough question: Do you even know if your church is average? I want your church to take ground and be above average when it comes to mobilizing volunteers. That’s why I want you to know about a FREE online event hosted by my friend Tony Morgan that will help you build a stronger culture of volunteering at your church. You’ll hear from these great nationally known church leaders:

Chris Hodges – How to consistently attract new volunteer.

Perry Noble – How to create eliminate burnout in your volunteers.

Reggie Joiner – How to engage students in volunteerism

Derwin Gray – How to turn volunteers into leaders

Wayne Cordeiro – How to create healthy volunteers

The event is on October 29 at 1pm EDT. So time is running out to register you and your team so follow this link to register for this FREE online event today! Don’t miss it!

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Does Your Church Need More Volunteers?

The best churches don’t hire ministers to DO all of the ministry; they equip and inspire volunteers and leaders to get ministry done. Check out this quote from Wayne Corderio.

“I’m convinced that the influence of a church has on its community will be determined in large part not by the personality of the pastor, the size of its building or how long the ministry has worked in the community. It will be determined instead by the percentage of involvement in the ministry of each member. This marks the transition from attendance to ownership, from being consumers to contributors.”

You may be a gifted speaker. Your church may have a beautiful building. Your team may lead large ministries. But without healthy volunteers, your church will struggle and you will be stressed. You’ve got to decide…will your church be led by a small band of superheroes or a large army of servants? The best churches don’t hire ministers to do all of the work. They mobilize volunteers and leaders to make ministry happen.

This is why I want to introduce you to Get More Volunteers

Whether you’re a seasoned pastor or brand new to the ministry, you can learn what’s working to attract new volunteers to your church and lay the foundation for a healthy volunteer ministry. This online event is designed to help you attract new volunteers to existing positions, mobilize more people for ministry, and sign up people quick.

My friend Tony Morgan and the team at The Rocket Company interviewed five leading pastors and will give you the latest ideas and the best strategies for bringing new volunteers into ministry roles in your church.

Here are 5 compelling reasons you should sign up to watch Get More Volunteers 2013.

#1:  It’s Fully Online

No travel required! I know you’re busy and your time is valuable. Gather your team around a computer or watch from your office.

#2:  It’s Free

Not only are there no travel costs, the event itself is totally free. You’ll have access to all of this great content without having to spend a penny. Finance Teams rejoice!

#3:  Fresh Ideas

You’ll hear from leading pastors and learn what they do in their churches to mobilize volunteers. This isn’t inspiration….it is practical help and new ideas to help your church.

#4:  Respected Pastors and Speakers

My friend Tony Morgan is hosting the event, and along the way you’ll hear from Perry Noble, Chris Hodges, Wayne Corderio, Reggie Joiner and Derwin Gray. Each of these leaders knows how to lead volunteers.

#5:  Rave Reviews

Thousands of church leaders around the world have completed free training events with the Rocket Company. They have trended on Twitter and been turned into eBooks.

Follow this link to register you and your team today!


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A Leadership Conversation with Tony Morgan

Recently Sun Valley, the church I serve at, brought in Tony Morgan the Founder and Chief Strategic Officer of The UnStuck Group, to do some Leadership Training with the team. He spent time with our Executive Team, our Board and then he spoke at our monthly Staff Training that we do with Staff from all three of our campuses. Here are some of the take aways from the conversations that have broader implications for pastors and church leaders:

  • It’s possible to be doing the work of God, but not doing the work that God has called us to do (see Acts & the food distribution v. preaching God’s Word and prayer etc.) – when they got focused on what they were supposed to be doing the Gospel took ground and the church had a bigger impact
  • Church Leaders have a tendency to hold on to too much for too long (i.e. Moses & Jethro)
  • Leaders need to help people think about outcomes rather than execution
  • Span of care issues: do I know what people on my team are celebrating in their lives, challenges in their lives,
  • You know you’re managing too many people: when you can get the tasks done but don’t have time to focus on the discipleship, development, and knowing the team
  • Young leaders don’t learn to lead by reading books and going to conferences. They learn to lead by leading.
  • Delegation is telling people what to do every step of the way and then having them report back after each step for the next step. For people who want to serve, delegation is a good approach.
  • People who are wired for leadership…if all you ever do is delegate tasks you’ll lose them because they need to be empowered to pick the route to the destination from point A to point B.
    • You can empower when you have clear boundaries (mission, vision, values, strategies, expectations, etc.)
    • The clearer you are on the boundaries and the outcomes the easier it is empower people
  • Leaders don’t respond to platform pleas to serve but a personal ask and a personal challenge connected to the overall vision
  • We aren’t equipping people to do our work, we’re equipping people to do God’s work
  • If you’re waiting for you boss to help you go to the next level you’re probably not a next level leader because leaders initiate their own growth
  • “I wasn’t there to be their boss. I was there to help the players get better.” Tony Dungy, former coach Indianapolis Colts
  • With larger churches the person leading the Creative Arts area is not creative, they’re a leader/manager keeping the process moving forward. They understand/can relate to the artists but aren’t an artist. They’re primary role is to equip and lead the team.
  • 3 Areas that Growing Churches have the Potential to Derail:
    • #1 The Health of the Leadership Team
    • #2 The larger you get the more focused you have to get (strategy, programming, communications)
    • #3 Money – generosity/stewardship, funding the ministry
  • As the church grows the role of the Board needs to shift to freeing the staff to lead and live out the vision
  • Boards get into trouble when they start getting into the strategy, decision making & execution side of things
  • How do you know you’re ready for the next site (multi-site)?
    • #1 Intentional Leadership Development Strategy: who is the next campus pastor, children’s pastor, worship pastor, etc.
    • #2 Reproducible Systems: Written down systems, core strategies, processes and best practices

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How do You Know if You’re Called to Ministry?

Working with young leaders, one of the most common questions I find myself fielding is, “How do I know if I’m called to ministry?” And while there are some good biblical verses we could point to or theological answers that could be given I’d like to get very practical with you for a moment. If you take the time to ask, and listen, to the stories of people who have been called into full time Christian Ministry you’re likely to hear some very similar responses that generally include the following four components.

#1 Deep Sense of Burden or Passion

A calling to ministry typically begins with a deep sense of burden or passion. It’s this idea that something is wrong, someone needs to do something about it, and maybe that someone is me. I can remember my own calling to ministry beginning this way as a young teenager. I felt a deep sense of responsibility and burden for the spiritual wellbeing of my friends (even though my lifestyle was ironically in no condition to do much about it). I can remember praying at night before sleep, in tears begging God to use me to influence thousands of people for Him. I also felt compelled through those prayer times that God didn’t just want my “heart”, or even my career, but my life.

#2 Ministry Experimentation

The typical next step that a calling to ministry takes is actually experimenting with ministry through volunteering and discovering your gifting and place in the Body of Christ. I was 17 years old and scared to death when my Pastor asked me to lead a Jr. High Sunday School Class. What would I teach, would they listen to me, could I do it, could I keep those unruly Jr. Highers under control?

#3 Affirmation by the Church

Who knew that Jr. High Sunday School Class would actually go well? I know, shocking right? But it did go well and people began to believe in me, and that God could use me. And I began to believe it too. Other leaders in the Church, particularly my Pastor recognized and affirmed God’s call to ministry in my life.

#4 Preparation and Training

The final component that you’ll regularly hear from those who have been called to ministry is that they experience a period of training and development that prepares them for full time Christian work. For me this would mean going to college (that is after a short 2 year stop at Jr. College to get my grades up and my Associates Degree…I thought I had better things to do in High School than go to High School) getting a Christian education, formal biblical training, mentoring and internships.

Even though I didn’t list them here I’m interested in some verses or biblical suggestions that you’d recommend young leaders consider when trying discover if they’re called to ministry? I’d love your input so leave a comment!

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