3 Organizational Changes that Multi-Site Churches Experience

Multisite changes everything. If you’re leading in a multisite church you know this first hand. The way decisions are made, how the Staff are structured, how resource are utilized, how budgets are created and managed, and more all change along the way. It all changes. But knowing how things change can help you prepare for the next step. Here are three phases of change I’ve seen in multisite churches around the country.

1-3 Sites

Typically at this stage the original campus or “broadcast campus” is still the largest campus and attendance at the other 2 campuses is less than 50% of the overall attendance of the church. Not too much changes in the leadership structure at this point. Typically the staff at the original campus drives things.

3+ Sites

When campus number four launches everything changes. Staff Teams are restructured and a Central Service Team is typically built to support the campuses and allow things to begin to scale. I’ve previously written about Central Service Teams here. At this stage attendance shifts and more than 50% of the overall attendance of the church is no longer at the original campus. Someone is paid to be on Staff to wake up everyday thinking and leading the multisite initiative.

8+ Sites

Things move to district and regional oversight, often times crossing State lines. The organization of the church continues to scale and things shift towards becoming a movement of multisite churches instead of a multisite church. Multisite campuses are launching other multisite campuses by now.

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