5 reasons why you should participate in a leadership coaching network

There are all kinds of reasons why you should participate in a leadership coaching network, but here the five that standout to me!

1. Structured Learning Pathway

Learning and growth just don’t happen. It’s an intentional process. Participating in a coaching group will push you to systematically work through leadership concepts, organizational systems, reading assignments, and leadership exercises that are intentionally structured to help you grow.

2. Fresh Eyes

Every time you bring a new staff person into your church or organization you’ve got a widow of opportunity for learning. They are seeing everything for the first time and with fresh eyes. They haven’t acclimated to the new culture that they’re swimming in, and as a result they view everything from a different perspective, which provides a great opportunity for learning…if you take advantage of the moment. Participating in a coaching group allows people with fresh eyes to take a look into your life and leadership and offer a fresh and different perspective.

3. Our Best Growth doesn’t happen Alone

I’m intentional about building an annual reading plan and I love the inspiration that comes from national leadership conferences. But nothing beats wrestling ideas to the ground, digging through best practices and what it takes to make concepts become reality with a group of peers. Participating in a coaching group allows your ideas, thoughts, and concepts to be challenged.

4. The Discipline of Submission

Great leaders make great followers because they properly understand and have a healthy view of authority and submission. While most of you are used to leading at a high level, participating in a coaching group is a way for you to intentionally place yourself under the leadership of others.

5. You’re not done yet

It may be a bit cliché, but it’s true, leaders are learners. Unfortunately I’ve discovered along the way that many leaders also have a “more than healthy ego.” It kind of comes with the territory. Participating in a coaching group is an intentional way to remind yourself that you still have a lot to learn, and that we can learn something from everyone.

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