Catalyst One Day Bonus: Andy Stanley’s interview with Judah Smith

I’ve enjoyed sharing my notes and take aways from Catalyst One Day with you this week. My hope is they’ve been helpful. Truth is my notes can’t relay all the great stuff shared by these guys so I’d encourage you to check out the Catalyst One Day website and watch for One Day coming soon to a city near you this year! Here are ideas some I wrote down from an interview that Andy Stanley did with Judah Smith who hosted the Seattle One Day.

  • When you go on vacation don’t go to church. That’s not a family vacation that’s a ministry trip to look at other churches.
  • Leadership is acknowledged not appointed. So try out young leaders. Give them something and see what they can do with it.
  • Acknowledge leadership in young leaders who have a proper view of authority and demonstrate a teachable spirit
  • The test of any church is how it responds when the lead personality is gone
  • Adjustment and progress are better words than change
  • If past leadership is trusted you’ll have the opportunity to be trusted
  • Every change a new leader makes is a critique of the past
  • Remember everything is where it is
  • It’s unrealistic to expect everyone to just get in line with the picture you have of the future and where you’re going
  • Expect tears and pain in change
  • Demonstrate extraordinary empathy to the past and the value of all that has come before you
  • Work through powerbrokers and influencers. Each influencer receives honor differently and there are keys to everyone’s heart so don’t approach them all or treat them all the same.
  • Don’t play with false humility
  • Honor is convenient when everyone is on the same page but real honor comes in a moment of conflict and conviction and when you have to put personal agenda aside and do what is best for the people
  • People want Jesus and the Gospel works!

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