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Volumes have been written about the process of evaluation. In fact, some people make a pretty good living off of the evaluative process and the data that it can produce. I don’t have the time to always dig into everything as deep as I may like to so I’m always looking for clear, simple, and functional tools for effective evaluation. Here’s one that I ran across that I really like.


What was the stated goal? What did we actually set out to see accomplish?


What actually happened? No, not ministerially speaking, I mean what really happened.


Throw a party over what went right. Be excited about what goals were met and exceeded.


Don’t pout about what went wrong. Who has time for that anyway? Just ask, “If we were to do this again what do we need to change about this to improve it?”

You can use this evaluation process across a vast array of applications. In fact, if you’re not afraid to make this a bit personal, and you have the courage, try applying these four steps to the simple question “What’s it like being on the other side of me?”



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