How Can You Measure Church Health? This Report Can Help!

At The Unstuck Group, we work with hundreds of churches each year. We observe a lot of different types of leaders, teams, structures and methods. However, many of these leaders have something in common—something we find concerning.

Few church leaders track any metrics or data to inform their view of the church’s health. Because we find this so critical to church growth and health, we recently decided to start sharing some of the data we collect to give church leaders a snapshot of up-to-date church health trends.

Last quarter, we launched our first edition of The Unstuck Church Report: Benchmarks & Trends in U.S. Churches. From attendance to leadership to giving, this report gives church leaders insight into the key metrics of church health, including Ministry ReachStaffing and LeadershipConnection, and Finances.

The Q1 2018 edition is available today. This 4-page PDF reviews 20 updated metrics in key areas of church health, along with my observations on the numbers.

Download your copy today. It’s free!

Here’s a sample of some of the metrics you’ll find:

The average attendance of churches has increased by 3.3% over the last year

This demonstrates that in our post-Christian culture churches are still experiencing growth even as people attend church less frequently.

Student ministry attendance is declining

Currently the average student ministry is 8% of the overall attendance. This includes all students in sixth through twelfth grades. This percentage is down from 9.5% in previous reporting.

Staffing continues to climb.

The average church employs one full-time equivalent staff person for every 65 people in attendance. In previous reporting, churches employed one staff person for every 77 people in attendance.

Click to download the most up-to-date edition and opt-in to get each quarterly update for free.

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