Leadercast 2014: Dr. Henry Cloud

During the second session of Leadercast we had the opportunity to learn from well known leadership expert Dr. Henry Cloud. If you haven’t read his recent book Boundaries for Leaders pick it up today!

  • As a leader you leave a wake behind you in every interaction, in every strategy, in every instance, etc. There are two sides to the wake you leave…

#1 is the results – you got to produce results to lead
#2 is the relationships – you’ve got to have relationships to get results

  • All influence is driven by trust
  • For you to have influence that goes beyond yourself people have to trust you
  • You will build trust to the degree that the people you lead feel that you are connected to them
  • The human heart above all else wants to be known and understood…if you’re people feel known and understood you will have the opportunity to influence them
  • You understand your people when your people understand that you understand them
  • Opportunity comes when your passion and what you’re good at meet a need that people have
  • If your influence is going to go past you, there has to be something in you that goes past you
  • Leaders who have influence that goes beyond themselves are leaders that give up control & then define and connect what others are going to control based on their passions and what they’re good at
  • Connect what your team can control to the results you’re going after

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