this is your last chance to join a leadership coaching network! apply now!

I can’t believe that the new leadership coaching networks will launch in only two month! The July 31 application deadline is literally right around the corner! Beginning in September, we will be offering four new leadership networks through TonyMorganLive in three locations: Atlanta, Phoenix and online. Click here for all the details including dates and pricing for all four networks.

Here are a few updates on the applications we’ve received so far:

  • Over half the 45 total spots are already filled.
  • The West Coast Network I’m leading is over half full…only a few spots left (Apply today!)
  • Though it’s an application process, preference is given to those who apply early.
  • There are only a couple remaining openings for the online network. (Really…you need to apply today if you want one of these spots!)
  • Applications have been received from Alabama, Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington, Australia, Canada and the People’s Republic of California.
  • The applicants include a mix of senior, executive, and other management team level pastors coming from churches as small as a couple of hundred up to 10,000.

Are you interested in joining me for the Phoenix Network? Click here to read more about it and see what other leaders are saying! And, more important, complete the coaching network application as soon as possible to grab one of the remaining spots.

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