6 Keys to Sustaining Growth

Most churches experience growth at some point, but few churches sustain growth over the long haul. There are all kinds of reasons that churches get stuck, but few understand how to sustain growth. Fortunately there are some great resources and leaders out there that we can learn from.

In the book “On Leading Change” by the Drucker Institute William Steere, the former CEO of Pfizer, mentions these Six Keys to Sustaining Growth.

These 6 principles would be a great starting point for the leadership team at your church to have a conversation about change and sustaining growth!

1. Focus on What You Do Best

“To identify opportunities, you must identify your primary strength. Put energy into what is already bringing great results and shed the rest.”

2. Cast a Wide Net

“Seek out growth opportunities both inside and outside the organization. Promoting internal innovation is necessary but insufficient; external partners also are essential to bring better products to market, faster.”

3. Create Transparent Objectives

“Everyone needs clear performance targets, and those should be shared at the appropriate level. Senior executives should review their colleagues’ annual goals (and performance) twice a year.”

4. Listen to Divergent Points of View

“While believing strongly in their view of the business, leaders must encourage other perspectives and invite rigorous debate on key issues.”

5. Create a Culture of Trust

“To excel, people must have autonomy. Let others make their own decisions, unless they prove to be untrustworthy – in which case they must go.”

6. Go With Your Instincts

“Effective leaders have the confidence to challenge conventional wisdom. You must be willing to withstand criticism in order to move the organization forward.”

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