Catalyst One Day Session 1: Values by Craig Groeschel

I’m posting my notes this week from Catalyst One Day and here are my notes from the first session where Craig Groeschel did an incredible job unpacking how values influence and drive the organizational culture you’re creating!

Healthy Cultures never happen by accident, they are created

  • The #1 source that shapes your culture is your values
  • What we value determines what we do, what we believe determines how we behave
  • If you want to change your culture you have to change what you value

5 Ways we allow our values to shape our culture

#1 Honestly determine what your actions say you value

  • There’s often a big difference between what we claim to value and how we behave

#2 Identify the values that God has put in your heart

  • Don’t copy values. It doesn’t work. You have to be you.

#3 Narrow down your values to 10 or fewer

  • If you value everything you don’t value everything

#4 Once you clearly define your values write them down in short life giving statements

  • If they don’t move you to action get some new values
  • If you can’t tweet your values they are too long
  • If they don’t move you emotionally they are too dry

#5 Build your people and shape your culture around your values

  • Lead towards your values as if your future depends on it, because it does
  • Organizations don’t change; people change. If you want to change the organization you have to change the people.
  • Hire and recruit for your values.
  • Remove people with distinctively different values
  • If you don’t like where you’re going, change directions

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