Catalyst One Day Session 2: Staffing by Andy Stanley

I’m posting my notes this week from Catalyst One Day and here is session #2 from Andy Stanley where he talked through how the culture you’re building on your staff drives the organizational culture you’re creating!

  • If you make your church an extraordinary place to work then you’ll have a team full of extraordinary people because they will want to be there.
  • Great leaders don’t pretend everything is perfect and great; they take the time to investigate and understand what’s happening in their organization…they work on their work
  • Follow “we” never works. It sounds good…but “we” doesn’t get much done.

The Principle of Mutual Submission:

Healthy and productive staff cultures are characterized by mutual submission

The Message of Mutual Submission:  I’m here to facilitate you’re success regardless of where either of us show up on an organizational chart.

The Assumption of Mutual Submission: While our responsibilities differ we are both essential to the success of the organization.

The Question of Mutual Submission: What can I do to help?

  • The biggest problem for this in the church world is the entitlement of Sr. Pastors who think they are special and anointed of God.
  • If you’re the boss it makes you responsible, not important. It means you have more available to you in order to leverage to help others in your organization be successful.
  • Titles create distance. If you have to have a title to have leadership you’ve already abdicated leadership.

6 Principles of Mutual Submission:

1. Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone

2. Systematize top down service

3. Create and maintain a sustainable organization pace

  • Show me an overworked staff and I’ll show you turf wars and politics…when we are too busy we withdrawal to our own little world and we don’t have time for others.

4.  Celebrate and reward mutual submission when you see it

  • What’s rewarded is repeated

5. Confront your ego

  • What’s most important, creating a great organization or creating a name for yourself?

6. Drop the term loyalty from your vocabulary

  • If you have to ask people to sign something to be loyal, you are the one with the loyalty problem. Earn it.

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