Celebrating an Incredible year at The Unstuck Group

If you’re like me, taking time to pause and celebrate probably isn’t a strong suit. I’m usually more interested in what’s next than what just happened. Slowing down, celebrating wins, and enjoying the fruit of ministry is a discipline I’m continuing to grow in.

Four years ago when I joined Tony Morgan to become a Consultant at The Unstuck Group I never imagined what that startup Consulting Group would turn into. Recently Tony shared some incredible wins from 2015 on a video call with team that I wanted to share with you.

  • We had the opportunity to serve more than 60 churches by helping them through a Ministry Health Assessment, the development of a Strategic Action Plan, and reviewing and developing their Staffing and Structure Plan for the future.
  • We added Amy Anderson, Amanda Baranowski, Ron Baum, Sara Chapple, Josh Clark, David D’Angelo, Chad Hunt, Tammy Kelley, Michael Moore, Chris Surratt and Elizabeth Welborne to our team. That more than doubled our capacity to serve churches.
  • We traveled to 22 states, Canada and the United Kingdom to help churches get unstuck.
  • We launched an online ministry health assessment to encourage churches to take a first step in understanding what’s working and where there are opportunities for improvement.
  • The churches we served ranged in size from under 100 to over 22,000 in attendance. In case you’re curious, the average size church we serve is 1,150 people.
  • We started GrowthSolutions–our service that is designed to coach leadership teams at smaller churches who want to take intentional steps towards growing their church to 500 in weekly attendance.
  • We worked in 18 different denominations. That included launching a new initiative supporting denominations that want to resource their healthiest churches that have the most potential for future growth.
  • We engaged 46 leaders in coaching networks to help them take their next steps in their leadership.
  • We refreshed our website to better reflect what we do to help churches get unstuck.
  • We released two eBooks. The first one was 7 Warning Signs Your Church Has Ministry Silos. The second one was Reaching and Leading Millennials.

It was a great year for our team, and I wanted to take the opportunity to share this with you. It’s exciting to see the Unstuck Group grow, I’m proud of the team that’s being built and I believe in the way we serve churches. But what’s even more exciting to me is to watch churches get unstuck and see more people meet Jesus as a result.

We want to help more churches get unstuck.

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